Seibel Admits that Lisp is not the Answer

“Most software shops would probably get more bang for their buck from adopting techniques that allow groups of people to work together most effectively than they would from switching to a better programming language, even Lisp.”  — Peter Seibel

For those worried that I might “drink the Kool-Aide” in regards to the many bits of enticing Lisp propaganda that stalk the web, I offer you this deceptively titled blog post.

Oh, and Peter Seibel does have a blog now.  So far he’s put several interesting essays on the topic of Brook’s Law there and even an article on how to write a book, among other things….



One Response to “Seibel Admits that Lisp is not the Answer”

  1. Mark Miller Says:

    While the quote does sound disparaging of Lisp, like, “I know Lisp is a neat language, but it doesn’t have a future in software development”, I think what one could take away from what he said is that technology in and of itself is not going to transform organizations. So taking an organization that’s using C++ or Java and trying to get them to learn and use Lisp is just going to be disruptive. It’s better for them to develop better ways of thinking about software development, maybe even a better way of perceiving it, and hopefully at some point they’ll say, “Oh, look at this neat thing over here.”…

    We have to change the way we think in order to see the value of a language like Lisp.

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