Close, but no Cigar: Jasspa MicroEmacs with “It’s All Text!” on Firefox [on Windows]

I took half an hour to fiddle with this one.  It sounded promising: use the text editor of your choice to compose text for any type-in box you might find on the web.  (I can’t learn Emacs easily if I keep having to switch back and forth between different text editors all the time.)

The “It’s All Text” plug-in for for Firefox provides a way of eliminating at least a portion of this hassle.  There’s just a couple of problems, though.  Firefox looks crappy on Windows XP compared to the very crisp look I’d just gotten with it on PCLinixOS 2007.  (I’m not sure if I can give up Opera on my Windows boxes yet….)  Jasspa MicroEmacs looks really ugly, by the way, but that’s no big deal; I can just use Emacs 21 or something if I want.  But what really gets me is that the little edit button doesn’t work in the main place that I want it to: the text editing box right here on WordPress for when you’re posting a new entry!  Argh!

Thanks to the anonymous coward that recently posted here (and also to minor Emacs wizardry) for spreading the good news.

(Mozilla’s Outlook-style spell checking feature rocks, though.  The one here on WordPress is an abomination!)


3 Responses to “Close, but no Cigar: Jasspa MicroEmacs with “It’s All Text!” on Firefox [on Windows]”

  1. just me again Says:

    Half an hour? Microemacs: tools – user setup – platform. You can change its
    appearance a bit (fonts, colors) there. Yes, you can also use real emacs in
    Windows (binaries are available for emacs 22). I use microemacs for editing
    text *quickly* and without firing up a lisp-based multi-MB workhorse. I go for
    function over form, substance over style, and familiar keystrokes. But I also compile emacs (Linux, not PCLOS) without X and run it in the console (screen). Different strokes.

  2. lispy Says:

    Yeah, yeah. Half an hour to download the three programs, mess with it, and write up the post.

    Hmm… looks like your word wrapping is screwed up.

  3. AdamG Says:

    The IAT button won’t show up on rich-text editors because they are made with Javascript, but for some editors, if you choose the “edit html,” (or something of that sort) option, the link will show up. This happened for me on the Blackboard editor.

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