By the way… Zach wins ;)

Following up on the next-power-of-two question:

It looks like Zach wins….


4 Responses to “By the way… Zach wins ;)”

  1. Zach Beane Says:

    What implementation is that?

  2. lispy Says:

    I’m using SLIME/Emacs (LispBox) to run CLISP 2.33 on a Windows XP Box.

  3. Dord Says:

    Looks like the timer granularity is a bit big?

    I’m starting to learn lisp, mostly because of the essays of Paul Graham but your blog has been a nice inspiration too since it’s something a beginning lisper can more easily identify with. Keep up the updates 🙂
    Got any suggestions for a hobby project to start with? I’m still a bit intimidated by the language and I don’t want to fall into the trap of just reading through books and not doing anything practical.

  4. lispy Says:


    Work on something that would be difficult in your other programming language– something that you think Lisp would be better for. Your first projects may be really awful, so try to pick something short and finishable even if you aren’t applying the best techniques to get it done. As you read your Lisp books, hopefully you’ll have moments of illumination where you see how you could have done your pet project better. At that point you can redo it or you may be at the point where you can do some of your boring “job type work” in Lisp even though it can take you twice as long. Always keep your eyes peeled for short doable tasks that can been done with your current Lisp skillset. If you don’t apply new techniques on a day to day basis they won’t stick, so put Lisp to work and try to strike a balance between expanding your mind and getting things done.

    — lispy

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