.Net Framework 3.5 Killed My Box– Update

[Sorry… no Lisp/SICP type content here.  Just another public service message.]

We have a slew of old HP machines running at 2.6 GHz, 504 MB RAM, and with mediocre hard drives with at least 25 GB of hard drive space on them. I expected this to be ample performance to run bleeding edge .Net applications, but it may have been pushing it a little. In any case, the machines have been running continuously for five years or so– they never get shut down. I was not aware of this when I did the installs, and later found out that a couple of machines had “trouble” when they were rebooted.

One machine simply died when I shut down before beginning the .Net install. I was rebooting everything when I was doing the load because I wanted to pin down the exact install that (potentially) could kill the machine. Little did I know at the time, that I was probably better off attempting the complete deck of installations without any rebooting.

Two other machines would attempt to boot up, but take you to the safe mode menu. Attempting to boot from there resulted in the system hanging after it loaded a file called mup.sys. One of them was that first machine that died after installing .Net on it. Another just seemed to come by this naturally.

After looking at all of the facts, it does not appear that .Net is directly to blame for any of the problems. Two of the boxes were seriously abused before I even showed up. The one that I thought I had killed probably had a dodgy hard-drive. Information about the exact cause of the mup.sys hang is sketchy at best– it can apparently be caused by any number of things.

Most users seem to be running fine. Some have complained that installing the new software has slowed their boxes down, however. There’s been no major disasters so far. Users are hitting the application pretty hard now and things seem to be holding up. I did not have to change to a web app at the last moment. We’ll keep an eye on things, but I’m not worried.


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