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Infocom Drive Discovery May Lead to Recovery of MDL Source Code

April 21, 2008

An Infocom drive (or a CD containing the contents of it) has been recovered that contains the source code for every released and unreleased game produced by Infocom.

As a result of this discovery, some private emails from the Infocom Implementors have been published on a blog. Anyone who’s anyone in the world of “interactive fiction” has responded– including Anita Sinclair of Magnetic Scrolls, several Infocom authors/programmers, Graham Nelson and Emily Short.

Lisp enthusiasts will note that the discovery of this drive may lead to the recovery of the source code to the MDL programming language. Zork coauthor Dave Lebling appears to be in contact with the author of the blog (and hopefully the owner of the drive/CD) to discuss this and other topics.


In the comments, Tim Anderson writes,: “the disk seems to be what was shipped to Activision (along with its containing Sun server, of course) when Infocom Cambridge was shut down. No particular reason, therefore, why it should have included the full MDL source–no one at Activision would have known how to do anything with it.”  Meanwhile, Andreas Davour has found an MDL interpreter.  Mark Blank is posting tips and references….  Wow, this is cool.

Another Update: Allen Garvin has posted a link to the MDL primer.  Sweet!